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Sitepad – Create Stunning Websites with Ease

You may have already heard of Sitepad, and want to know more about it. We’re here to tell you why Sitepad is the website builder of choice, and what it can do for you.

What is Sitepad?

Sitepad is an easy to use, powerful and capable website builder that can be used by anyone. It is designed to be simple and effective, and with it you can create everything from a simple personal site to more complex business websites.

It  comes with a wealth of features and tools that make it an outstanding package in a hotly-contested market, plus it is equipped with widgets that make it easy to get to grips with.

Features of Sitepad

The  beauty of Sitepad lies not just in it being simple to use, but in the variety of features users have access to, such as:

* Themes – Sitepad is equipped with a wide variety of themes around which you can base your website, including those designed for restaurants, auto shops, and much more. All professionally designed, you will find hundreds to choose from, so you don’t need to pay a designer to create a theme.

* Widgets – these include video sliders, contact forms, calendars and many more, amounting to more than 40 widgets that can add to the functionality of your site.

* One-Click Publish – with Sitepad you get the ability to update and publish changes to your website with a single click.

* Fully Compatible – all themes and widgets are compatible with all devices from PC’s to hand-held, which makes your life much easier.

* Static Pages – as all pages created using Sitepad are static pages utilising CSS, HTML and JavaScript, there is no need to retrieve them from a database or externally. You simply load them, quickly and easily, and the job is done.

Is It For You?

The simple fact is that Sitepad has been developed and designed to be used by anyone. You can use it to build a website for your personal use, for example, which may be just a few pages and very simple in form. Or, you can use Sitepad to create a full business website, it is that versatile.

Sitepad has also been designed with a highly innovative ‘drag and drop’ tool for added ease of use, and the sheer number of themes means you get a professionally designed and great looking website with full functionality, without the need to engage the services of a web designer.

Even if you have only basic computer knowledge you will find Sitepad easy to use, and it will take you very little time to get into the swing of things. It can be used by professionals, too, as it offers all the features needed to provide others with top quality websites at little cost.

If you are looking for a simple to use, effective and powerful web builder, check out Sitepad, and see how you can create a site while saving money.

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