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New to Reseller hosting? Get answers to your questons from our reseller hosting gude below.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting provides you with the ability to create individual subaccounts from the allotted disk space and bandwidth of your main account. You remain in complete control by setting the amount of space and bandwidth each subaccount receives. The number of individual hosting accounts (subaccounts) you can create depends solely on your purchased reseller plan. Media Developments offer plans allowing you to create up to 500 accounts and each account get it's own cPanel control panel.

Do I have to resell hosting to purchase a reseller plan?

You do not have to resell hosting to purchase a reseller account. You can use a reseller account to host your own websites or be generous and offer hosting to your friends and family with their own control panel.

What are the advantages of reseller hosting?

If you're a webmaster/developer you can host and manage all your websites under one reseller account for one price instead of paying your hosting provider for multiple shared hosting accounts. Additionally, you can resell hosting as a value added feature to your existing business or as a separate entity.

What is private label reseller hosting?

Private labeling provides the reseller who wishes to resell web hosting with complete transparency from the parent hosting company. Should you wish to start your own hosting company all traces of our company is completely removed so your customers will never know we exist. We accomplish this by using a privately registered domain name for our nameservers, anonymous server name, and anonymous ip whois. In addition, you have the option of using your own nameservers such as ns1/

How do I manage my reseller hosting account?

All reseller hosting accounts come with two seperate control panels. WHM (WebHost Manager) is the administration control panel and cPanel is the end user control panel.

WHM allows you to completely manage and create all subaccounts giving them each their own cPanel. Some functions you can perform with WHM include:

* Create and manage all subaccounts.
* Ability to limit subaccount's disk space. bandwidth, emails accounts.
* Email all subaccount users.
* Change subaccount users' passwords.
* Check server status.

cPanel is designed for the end user allowing them to manage their individual accounts which include:

* Create, remove email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders.
* View website statistics with AWstats.
* View account information such as bandwidth usage, server status.
* Manage domains, subdomains, and parked domains.
* Manage and create MySQL databases.
* Add, remove FTP accounts.
* Use advanced tools such as cron jobs, hotlink protection.
* Access to pre-installed scripts such as Fantastico.

Do I have to be knowledgable about web hosting to resell?

Basic knowledge is desired such as understanding various hosting related terms (mysql, php, various email features, etc). If there is something you don't know our support is available 24/7 to respond to any questions that you may have. We are also able to provide technical support directly to your customer on selected plans so you can focus on making sales.

What am I responsible for if I resell hosting?

You would be responsible for any interaction between you and your customer since we only support the direct reseller or you in this case. (except where end user support is contracted). This also includes building your hosting website, setting up your plans and pricing, and any other 3rd party script installations, etc. We as the parent hosting provider supply you with the resources (disk space, bandwidth, features) and handle all server related issues.

DOWNLOADABLE: Complete A to Z of Web hosting and Reseller Hosting PDF

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