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Internet Connectivity

Standard Broadband is an Internet solution for the home user.

South African homes have a growing thirst for the Internet and DSL is the fastest and simplest solution to provide:

  • Communication with family and friends overseas through email and Skype.
  • Access to social networking sites.
  • Online shopping for convenience.
  • Up to date online national and global news.
  • Protection from offensive content for those who want it.

The Benefits of Media Developments Broadband

Media Developments is proud to offer you what we believe is SA's best quality DSL service for home and business users. We provide a range of speed and data plans to suit your requirements and your budget.

1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 5 GB 7 GB 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB
Monthly Fee R49 R99 R125 R209 R289 R405 R605 R809
Backbone Provider
Account Type Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap Cap
Top-Up Price / GB R59 R59 R59 R59 R59 R59 R59 R59
Conc. Sessions 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Port Shaping Shaped Shaped Shaped Shaped Shaped Shaped Shaped Shaped
DSL Lock
Free Email
No Contracts


If you'd like to order our ADSL Service, please contact us with your exact requirements.