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Drupal Hosting

Media Developments specialise and deal exclusively with fully managed Drupal hosting for a range of high traffic and complex sites.

We partner with some of the most highly regarded providers in the hosting business alongside our Drupal specific experience giving you a single point of contact with Drupal experts. We have an excellent track record of uptime with 24/7 support from our partners. Ixis have built a reputable and strong client base including high profile organisations with an extremely high retention rate.

Our fully managed packages couple high performance, a tangible Service Level Agreement and support of the full Drupal stack. On top of the usual elements you'd expect from a managed host, from backups to branch offices we provide:

Security updates to both Drupal core and popular contributed modules

Keeping open source software upto date is important, let Ixis manage this for you via our repositories or integrated with your existing version control setup and workflows.

Migrations from another provider

We've moved hundreds of Drupal sites over the years, let Ixis take care of the seamless migration to our platform.


Media Developments implement layers of caching to ensure your site displays quickly and scales under a large amounts of concurrent users. We also build and support private clouds allowing fast scaling and provisioning of new servers.

Additional packages

As Drupal has matured the reliance upon additional servers has increased. Media Developments work with trusted partners to ensure full support beyond standard stacks.

If you require further support beyond the hosting infrastructure you can also combine the above with our Drupal support package to give you a single point of contact for any Drupal related issue.

Quality not quantity

Our interest is in long term and sustainable relationships, therefore we spare no expense on our setups and only use reputable hosts with a proven track record.

We won't oversell our setups and services to thousands of users, as this would mean we couldn't maintain quality. This attitude has allowed us to build intimate relationships with clients and high retention which often spans several years.