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Powerful, fully managed server solutions - why pay for your own hardware and software when you can rent your own dedicated server solution? We provide cost-efficient dedicated server hosting for businesses and resellers. Your solution is fully managed by us, future-proof, plus you have full control over your site environment. We also offer Windows and Linux virtual machines.

Reliable, robust management & support - our data centre environment is built to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we've achieved better than 99.9% uptime across all our servers during the last five years. You can choose our free business hours support option, or our 24 x 7 priority support service at extra cost. We monitor all our servers proactively 24-hours a day, ensuring that we deliver the reliable, mission-critical business hosting services you require.

Choose Windows or Linux - with dedicated server hosting, the build and configuration choices are yours. We can provide pre-configured or custom built Windows and Linux server solutions. Run your own licensed layered products, use open source or rent from our Microsoft SPLA facility.

Choose Intel, Dell or HP - we provision HP, Dell and Intel servers and as you'll appreciate, the options are many. To ensure you get the system you need, we really would prefer to talk to you first about your requirements and likely system loadings before making a recommendation. We've been building and managing Windows and Linux systems since 2001, so talk to us today by emailing us on or using the contact form here.

Unsurpassed Network Speed, Performance, and Capacity

  • Quadruple, diverse fiber optic entrances
  • 10 gigabit internet links
  • 240 gigabit backbone with capacity for 1 Terabit
  • 14 Tier 1 network providers
  • Over 100 peering network providers
  • Internap Flow Control Platform (FCP) to optimize internet routing to leapfrog transit networks for the shortest and fastest path to the destination (better and faster than BGP)

SAS70 Type II Certified DataCenter. What does this mean? The DataCenter and it's operations have been thoroughly audited for strict standards to assure that certain criteria and standards are met. With SAS70 Type II Certification, you can be assured that the datacenter and network are setup and operated using stringent guidelines and specifications to assure that our network and servers are performing 100% of the time. Our customers have the guarantee from this that everything on the network and in the datacenter is top notch from top to bottom.

The Internap Flow Control Platform (FCP) solution provides network performance management and monitoring for large redundant Internet connections. Without an FCP, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is often the default routing mechanism, blindly routing data over connections based on the shortest amount of hops, a choice that frequently results in poor performance. The FCP takes a better approach. It proactively reviews the network for the best performing and most efficient path and routes accordingly. This improves performance on the network and ultimately for your server, giving you a fast low-latency connection without bottlenecks.

You can't manage what you can't measure. Most organizations have no way to measure performance across the Internet, no understanding of its performance impact, and no ability to manage it proactively. The result is a high-latency connection that they have no idea about until someone complains, and worse yet no idea on how or where to fix the issue. The FCP has built in tools and reports to show exactly what is happening on the network each and every day.

Equipment - Industry leading equipment with proven track records like Cisco routers and switches, redundant Top Layer IPS systems, and Internap FCP Optimized Routing. Complete redundancy in all areas allow for continuous operation without interruption or loss of performance. We only use top of the line hardware in our entire network & datacenter and in our servers.


Connectivity - Multi-homed multi-gigabit connections from over a dozen major backbone providers like Level(3), Global Crossing, Qwest, Savvis, Abovenet, BTN/PCCW, Telia, Time Warner and many more (each with multi-gigabit connections). Redundant multi-gigabit connections prevent bottlenecks and allow a large burst capacity, resulting in better speed and stability. Internap FCP routing optimization assures 100% network availability with the best routing possible. You can expect your server to be fast and always available, we pride ourselves in our uptime capabilities and performance record.


Environment - Complete redundancy in all important areas, including multiple Liebert HVAC systems, multiple and diverse power feeds, routing equipment and cables, UPS systems and backup by redundant diesel generators. The datacenter has climate control to provide optimum conditions for all equipment and to kick in backup systems should conditions change due to a failure. The air in the datacenter is maintained and monitored to keep it extremely clean and cool for the servers, helping them to run more efficiently. Dust is controlled to a point in the datacenter that cardboard packaging is not even allowed in the datacenter to help keep dust or other airborne contaminants to a minimum.


Security - Access to the datacenter floors is controlled by a state-of-the-art ID system, and is monitored by by video surveillance. All racks and cages remain locked when not being accessed by engineers or administrators. Your data is safe at all times.


Software/Systems - We offer Operating Systems and Control Panels with proven track records, like CentOS, cPanel, DirectAdmin, Webmin and Windows Server.