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Data Storge

Data storage is vital to any kind of business. As well as tidying up your data, data storage solutions are a key tool in the disaster recovery operations for your business. Media Developments offers data storage solutions to suit the needs of any business ranging from online backup to key holding

This will ensure you are protected against the result of malicious attacks, accidental, database corruption, system failures or natural disasters. Media Developments can make sure that backups are performed and that backup tapes are stored in a secure location for you.

There are so many different kinds of data storage and backup and recovery systems that it can often be confusing trying to figure out what it is you need. To speak to an expert click here

Types of Backup

It takes time to create a plan for a particular business as it needs to be decided what data should be backed up, how often and which member of staff should work with Media Developments to make sure this happens. Below are the different types of back up available:

Full back up – A full back up of all the data you have selected to be backed up. This will overwrite any old copies of files that are being updated.

Copy back up – This is similar to a full back up except the old archive files are not cleared meaning other back ups can be made to them.

Incremental back up - This is where only the files that have been changed are backed up taking less time than a full back up of all data.

Daily back ups – very self explanatory – the back up is made everyday, preferably at a time where the network is being used the least, for example after or before working hours.

There are also many different devices you can use to back up your data. At Media developments we will come up with the most beneficial option for you including considerations such as capacity, cost, speed and reliability.

Features of Data Storage

  • Media Developments provides you with a full back up and recovery plan so you do not need to worry about looking after your data because we do it for you.
  • Your data is backed up at the end of each day.
  • You'll alos have a fire proof safe to store your important belongings or paperwork in, or a safe house somewhere off site.
  • Your data can be backed up as frequently as you need depending on the nature of your business.
  • Different kinds of back up procedures are available such as full back up, copy back up, Incremental and daily back ups.

Benefits of Data Storage

  • Your mind can be put at ease with our back up and recovery plans in place. Whether it is a malicious security offence, computer failure or natural disaster, Media Developments covers you for it.
  • You no longer need to worry about losing information customers may need, because backed up data is always accessible, which keeps complaint to a minimum.
  • To have a regular back up procedure in place is much safer as it reduces the risk of loosing a large amount of data.
  • Media Developments can also help you with business continuity ensuring as little damage as possible should a disaster strike. Losing data and trying to recover your systems can waste a lot of time and lose customers and we will prevent this from happening.

For more information regarding our storage options, please contact us