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Data Center

Local SA based datacenters:

Teraco is South Africa's largest independent hosting data centre. Teraco Data Environments are built to the highest specification according to global best practices; security, fire monitoring, prevention, power supply and cooling are all governed by a 100% resiliency policy (one passive set of components for every active set to protect valuable data systems). Teraco provides 99.999% guaranteed levels of uptime, power and service availability.

The network is powered by Juniper carrier grade network equipment connected to our upstream provider AfricaINX, within the Carrier Hotel Environment. This is the most secured and up-market environment to host mission critical information within Africa. Teraco data centres are located on the fibre rings of major licensed carriers in South Africa, all of which have fibre nodes within the facilities. There are easily accessible for us to provide a more redundant network and direct peering with all major network providers.

Hetzner: Our latest offering of business hosting packages makes use of the Hetzner CPT3 data centre. The facility is a flexible, technically superior and physically safe environment, built and operated to global best practice. Connectivity is provided by MTN Business which offers excellent national connectivity.

Formally the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, this is the most secure data center in the central United States.


Our data center (code named DLLSTX2) is located in the heart of downtown Dallas, TX. It is in a Tier 3+ facility on the same protected power grid as Dallas 911 and the local hospitals. This means we are exempt from rolling blackouts that historically have been an occurrence due to the Texas summer heat. Power is sent to the data center from four different substations, requiring all four substations to go offline before power to the building is interrupted. Additionally, the data center is serviced by water feeds from the north and south of the building.

Major Features

  • Protected Power Grid
  • 80,000-gallon Water Reserve
  • SAS-70 Type II Certified
  • SSAE-16

Please note: This is our main data center, however we also offer dedicated servers in Cape Town South Africa, JHB South Africa, London England, Berlin Germany, Zurich Switzerland, Singapore and Australia