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100% Spam Free Email Solution

Spam Free Email: Reclaim Your Inbox!

The dream of a 100% spam free email inbox has, until now, been just a dream. While a lot of companies are now trying to get around spam emails by setting up a permission structure, there are flaws in these systems that make them inconvenient to both sender and receipient, and are less than 100% effective. In some cases, senders must respond to an auto confirmation email to confirm who they are, and then wait for the recipient to accept the email or add them to an "allowed" list. This is time consuming and frustrating for both parties, and the bottom line is, it doesn't work. And in many cases. the spam blockers send no notifications to either sender or receiver, and the email is simply lost.

There are several issues with the outbreak of spam free email blockers:

  1. Legitimate email often comes from sources that you may not recognize and therefore not accept - causing loss of business.
  2. People (especially paying customers) don't like to jump through hoops just to send an email. They may not go through the extra effort - causing loss of business.
  3. Some spam gets through anyway. Clever spammers have adapted to the permission system already and their emails still get through - causing clutter in your mailbox and frustration for you.

Thankfully, Media Developments now provides you a 100% effective alternative that lets you enjoy a clean, spam free email inbox! Read on for details!

Is Media Developments really 100% spam free email?
Yes! Because you get your own private system (where spammers are not invited), you control who sends you mail. How is this done? Easy. Once you send someone mail, you have authorized him or her to send mail back to you. This system also takes further steps to completely safeguard you and your computer from mailed viruses. Media Developments tools will:

  1. Save your time & effort - By making sure that you don't need to sift through useless incoming mail, you get more time to focus on important things. Sifting through unwanted mail can easily take up a 15 minutes a day. Over a year, that adds up to 91+ hours of your life that was wasted! Reclaim that time today with Med a Developments.
  2. Increase productivity - Productivity improvement is the easiest method for improving profits. Media Developments tools will automatically file all your incoming mail under the right customer account. It will then automatically put an entry into your automated day planner so you can stay on top of everything you need to do. Getting more things done in less time is every manager's dream and this makes that dream come true. By making things easier you can increase productivity and increase profits at the same time.
  3. Never lose or accidentally delete mail - With a normal system like Outlook or Eudora it's very easy to misplace important mail or accidentally delete it. Media Developments makes that impossible by automatically categorizing your incoming mail and associating it with the proper customer data files. The information you want and need will always be on file and easily accessible to you with Media Developments.

NOTE: While Media developments's mail system may not 100% replace your regular mail system, it will greatly reduce your dependence on it and make dealing with the majority of your business correspondence a lot easier.

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